In line with the National Energy and Mine Policy;

Being the National Oil Company of Turkey, we aim to provide highest value to our country, through more effective exploration projects, more efficient production activities by using the latest technology and through partnerships in Turkey and in our near geography.

 New Exploration Axes

•Increasing the number of onshore and offshore wells in our country

•Using new technological vehicles like unmanned aerial vehicle in our seismic activities

•Gathering more offshore data with BARBAROS HAYREDDIN PASA seismic ship

Offshore Projects

•Revealing the offshore hydrocarbon potential firstly in Mediterranean then in Black Sea, with our drillship FATIH

•Expanding our portfolio through partnerships in near geography

Alternative Hydrocarbon Production Methods

•Increasing our hydrocarbon production in the existing fields by using new technology

•Developing a world-class data process center

•In close cooperation with technology/science producing institutions, having more R&D projects for alternative hydrocarbon production methods like bituminous shale

Unconventional Investments

•Realizing  the "Unconventional Projects Roadmap" which was developed for discovering our unconventional potential in Thrace and Southeastern Anatolia regions through partnerships or standalone 

Domestic Industry and Technology

•Prioritizing nationalization in our procurement strategy