Energy Management

As with all human activities in our world, energy is also needed during the stage of production activities of energy and the main raw materials, which are necessary for sustainable development. As TPAO, we have a good perspective to provide the energy needed during our production activities in the most appropriate way and to use it in the most efficient conditions.

It is our basic principle to minimize our energy needs that will enable our activities to be carried out. Our energy management system, which allows us to realize this , is at a maturity level that will contribute to the global knowledge of our sector. In this context, ISO 50001 Energy Management System certificate was obtained in 2021.

As a company operating in the field of energy, we are aware of the indispensable value of energy for humanity. It is possible for human beings to continue both their individual and social life by having the energy to enable them to perform their all actions. However, the surplus energy use can put our present and future at great risk. As TPAO, our priority is to ensure that energy is used efficiently and correctly and to encourage all our stakeholders to this understanding.