Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Hydrocarbon exploration activities of TPAO in and around the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) gained momentum after the "Oil Field Services and Production Sharing Agreement" signed with the TRNC Ministry of Economy and Energy at the end of 2011. Within the scope of this contract, TPAO’s activities continue in 7 marine and 2 land license areas.

693 km of 2-dimensional seismic data were acquired in the TRNC land licenses, models were created by making Gravity-Magnetic measurements at a total of 11,924 points, and Turkyurt-1 exploration well was dug at a depth of 4125 meters in license area no H.

In the TRNC offshore licenses, 16219 km of 2D (Dimensional) and 2485 km² of 3D data acquisition study were carried out.

As a result of these studies, prospective areas were determined in terms of hydrocarbon exploration.